What’s happening

Automated scheduling

Analog automates the scheduling of activities between you and your friends at the best times and places.

Availability match

We match your available times with those of your friends to schedule the most people.

Mutual interests

We schedule activities based on the interests that are most popular among your friends.

Selected attendees

We determine the best attendees based on how interconnected you are with all your friends.

For all activities and events


Sign up and invite your friends

Be in the know of what’s happening and do more with your friends more often.

Enter your availabilities and interests

We’ll suggest activities that have the most interest from your friends at the best times.

RSVP and show up

Suggestions are automated: simply accept invitations and meet your friends at the specified time and place!

The best venues

Discover everything there is to do in your area.
See your friends more often at exciting new venues. Make new friendships with connections you’ve yet to know. Connect with others the way you were meant to.

What’s happening